Updated 4/23/18; 6:18 p.m.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes caught up with Kevin Durant on Monday to see if the Golden State Warriors star forward truly meant to like an Instagram post which called Russell Westbrook the problem when the two played together with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant told Haynes that the like was inadvertent, adding that there’s “no story here.”

During the NBA All-Star Game this season, Durant and Westbrook appeared to have put their differences aside, sharing a laugh with one another alongside Kyrie Irving.

It’s quite plausible that KD’s actions were truly inadvertent, But then again, that’s not the story we want to believe.

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Just when it seemed like everything was good between former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the beef may have received some new juice. Monday afternoon, Durant liked an Instagram comment that stated Westbrook was the problem during their years together in OKC.

The comment that Durant liked, a reply to an assertion that OKC couldn't have won with Durant because of its subpar squad, read: "'subpar' lmfao the problem was Westbrook. They had a good ass team."

Durant will probably claim he liked the comment on accident, and that's entirely plausible. Another explanation: he didn't know people can see it when you like a comment.

This isn't the first time Durant has gotten caught doing something suspicious on social media. In September, it was discovered that he used secret social media accounts to defend himself.

In that situation, however, he was defending Westbrook—he claimed the problem was the squad (and coach Billy Donovan), not his co-star. Thus, his behavior on the two apps appears inconsistent, and it's entirely believable that he liked the IG comment by accident.

Durant and the Warriors cruised through the first three games of their series with San Antonio but dropped Game 4 on Sunday, 103-90. Durant was excellent in the loss; he scored 34 points and snagged 13 rebounds.

Game 5 of their first-round series is slated for Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET in Golden State. The Warriors, the No. 2 seed in the West, are heavily favored to close out the series.