With 32 seasons of NBA experience and 12 All-Star nods between them, Paul Pierce and Baron Davis know a thing or two about NBA history. And they both place today's Golden State Warriors among the best teams of all time.

"I'm a basketball historian, so when I look at this team, this team can play with any team in NBA history," Paul Pierce told Complex News' Speedy Morman. "It's probably one of the top five teams ever."

Both Pierce and Davis predict the Warriors to end this years' playoffs victorious. "It's hard for me to see Golden State losing," Pierce explained. "They've got two MVPs in their prime and [defensive player of the year] Draymond Green. Four All-Stars. They've got two of the greatest shooters to ever play the game, playing with each other. That's the perfect storm."

Pierce also discussed the anguish involved in making it to the NBA Finals but losing. "It sticks with you, especially the way we lost the second one," he said, referring to the Boston Celtics' Game 7 loss to the Lakers in 2010. "I still haven't watched the game to this day because it hurt so much. I just remember, the whole summer I don't think I even went out the house hardly. It emotionally kind of wrecked me a little bit."

Davis never won an NBA championship himself, but he said of all the teams he played for in his career, he would have liked to win one for the New York Knicks or the Golden State Warriors the most. You can watch Complex News' interview with Pierce and Davis above.