LaVar, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball stopped by BigBoyTV for a new interview. Lonzo, the only Ball brother currently in the league, was off training.

During their conversation, the Balls discussed their upbringing, their time in Lithuania, LaVar's new league for top high school prospects (the JBA), LeBron James potentially joining the Lakers, and more. LiAngelo, who is currently training for the 2018 draft, divulged that the Ball brothers felt their teammates in Lithuania were jealous "when we first got there, especially because I'm 19 years old and American. Coming over there, [the other players] don't want to lose their job."

On the day he declared for the draft, LiAngelo dropped 72 points.

LaMelo, the youngest brother, said he didn't have strong relationships with many players on the team. "I don't mess with them," he said. "I was only cool with Gelo and [teammates] Rashad and Curve."

LaVar doubled down on his belief that LeBron will sign with the Lakers, continuing to refer to him as "L-A-Bron."

"I don't feel like it, I know he is," LaVar said. "I already told you to call him 'L-A-Bron.' Everybody knows he's coming, it only makes sense. I mean, if you living in Cleveland, you want a chance to live in L.A. after your career?"


LaVar discussed his willingness to buck trends and do his own thing, as exemplified by his creation of Big Baller Brand and the JBA. "I'm a history maker," he said. "When I do things, that's why they say, 'How dare you?' Because it's not supposed to be done."

LiAngelo will find out whether a team selects him in one week at June 21's draft.