Most would say that Skylar Diggins-Smith is competitive. But anyone who's spent time with the Dallas Wings point guard knows that’s an understatement. She's always going hard. It’s a Monday evening in Las Colinas, a suburb northwest of Dallas, and Diggins-Smith is bowling with a group of friends, which includes her husband, Daniel Smith—a former wide receiver at Notre Dame—and Wings head coach, Fred Williams. Growing up in South Bend, Indiana, “You either do skating or you bowl,” she says.

We’re in the VIP section of Pinstack, one of those all-in-one entertainment complexes where aside from bowling, you can climb a rock wall, ride in bumper cars, play arcade games, or drink at the bar. To start, Diggins-Smith and her husband play on separate air hockey tables because the newlyweds—who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary—decided it’s healthier for their relationship if they don't compete against one another. But the habit is hard to break.

When it’s time to bowl, Smith goes first, knocking all the pins down and scoring a strike. Diggins-Smith looks over, pinches her lips, and gives a look like, “See, I told you.” When it’s her turn, she smashes seven pins. “Okay! Okay! Okay!,” she exclaims repeatedly, before taking off her jacket because it’s time to get serious.

The bowling remains mostly lighthearted (it probably helps that Smith bowls a 0 in one frame), but the game is punctuated by Diggins-Smith clapping her hands and saying things like, “That’s okay,” after rolling another seven. “We all gotta step it up.”

In those moments, it’s easy to imagine the 27-year-old's intensity on the court.