If you were an NBA fan who opted to simply ignore the regular season and the first three rounds of the playoffs because you considered a fourth straight Warriors-Cavs matchup to be an inevitability, then you would've been both correct and also probably saved a lot of time. Despite the drama that went down in both conference finals—which each required a Game 7 for the first time since 1979—LeBron James and some other guys (Kevin Love and Kyle Korver, I guess) will once again try to topple the mighty Warriors. 

On Wednesday, Klay Thompson addressed the NBA's lack of parity with the trademark bluntness we've come to expect from the Golden State sharpshooter. When asked about what he makes of the Cavs and Warriors playing in their fourth straight finals, Thompson said the teams are not at fault, and took aim at the rest of the NBA instead, according to the San Jose Mercury News' Daniel Brown:

LeBron James also chimed in. "Teams have had their opportunities to beat the Cavs over the last four years, and teams have had opportunities to beat the Warriors over the last four years," he told reporters. "If you want to see someone else in the postseason, then you have to beat them."

Reasonable advice.