If God was a basketball fan, would he prefer college basketball or the NBA?

No one knows. But if anyone were to know the answer to that question, it would probably be Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the 98-year-old chaplain for the Loyola-Chicago basketball team. So on Friday afternoon, after she touched down in San Antonio for Loyola-Chicago’s Final Four matchup against Michigan, Sister Jean was asked that very question while speaking with reporters during her well-attended media session.

And rather than say something like, "God loves all basketball players equally," Sister Jean unleashed one of the hottest takes you’ll hear out of San Antonio this entire weekend. She said that God would likely side with the NCAA players—and she delivered a pretty unpopular opinion for why that would be.

"I’ll wager that your viewer audience is very large this time and that if you compare it to the NBA when they’re playing, it’ll be different," Sister Jean said. "I say that because these young players are playing with their hearts and not for any financial assistance."

Now, in fairness to Sister Jean, she has been around college athletes for a long time now, so it’s not surprising to hear her give the NCAA the nod here. But don’t tell that to all of the NBA fans who are going to town on Sister Jean’s hot take at the moment. Judging by the comments below, it sure looks like Sister Jean just lost a few fans with the comments she made.