Less than two weeks after the internet accused him of pretending to be a Kendrick Lamar fan, Tom Brady is showing that he knows the lyrics to Lil Wayne's "I Think I Love Her," or at least he knows how to finish the lyrics that pertain to him.

We say this because he finished the very line in that song that mentioned him after Odell Beckham Jr. posted an IG pic with the caption: "Quarterback Weezy, young Tom Brady, open up ya mouth." True to form, Brady capped it with "And catch a bomb baby" in the comment section like a commoner:

Afterwards, the comments were broken down between people thinking Brady wants OBJ in New England, and people bringing up that pass he dropped in the Super Bowl (a.k.a. "You can't catch a bomb" and other things like that). Yeesh, no wonder Kevin Durant has a burner account.