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One of the more entertaining aspects of the NBA All-Star Game is seeing how two superstars, who may never play together, would fare when they're put on the same team. When LeBron James put his squad together, everyone was looking to see if The King and former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Kyrie Irving could still coexist after everything they went through this past offseason. But one of the pairings that we all overlooked was the duo of LeBron and Russell Westbrook.

What do you get when you have two of the most aggressive fastbreak players speeding towards the hoop together? Tonight we got our answer. After delivering a cross-court pass to Westbrook, LeBron continued running towards the basket. Russ understood that it was in his best interest to give it back to James when he's in freight train mode, and even though the pass wasn't perfect, 'Bron still has the hops to finish at the basket with a phenomenal reverse dunk.

The moment had people itching for a LeBron/Russ tandem in OKC.