The Cleveland Cavaliers have been active participants in the market as the NBA's trade deadline approaches.

It started with the Cavs trading guard Isaiah Thomas—who had struggled to fit in since he arrived in Cleveland—to the Lakers. Then things just got wild. With a flurry of rapid-fire trades, Cleveland completely remade its roster.

As each new move popped up on Twitter—I'm sure Woj's fingers are sore at this point—NBA fans grew more stunned. Could this all really be happening?

NBA fans' responses were, predictably, incredible. Memes and hilarious tweets were flying. Below are some of our favorites.

Lebron handing over IT to Magic

— Large Ballplayer (@MikeOxafloppin2) February 8, 2018

“We made LeBron trade his whole team and the Cavs still getting swept in the Finals... the Eastern Conference Finals.”

— Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54) February 8, 2018

When Isaiah Thomas struggles with the Lakers and Lavar Ball says he’s not big enough, and then calls him a small baller>>>>>

— Wengerball is back (@BasedChasen) February 8, 2018

“Said you’d never leave, girl you made me a promise / Now you getting tossed around like Isaiah Thomas”

— BANKS 🦇 (@trvplord12_) February 8, 2018

Bron leaving the Cavs this offseason.

— OMG, LaJethro (@LaJethroJenkins) February 8, 2018

Cleveland having a clearance sale. I’m crying.

— Instagram: TrillestAC (@TrillestAC) February 8, 2018

I knew IT was getting traded when i saw LeBron pulling out a booster seat for him on the bench

— Ralph SHAF Lauren (@MaxKellermanJr) February 8, 2018

— Kofie (@KofieYeboah) February 8, 2018

*LeBron in the locker room*

"Try me... I have Memphis, Orlando and Utah all on speed dial. Check ya' tone."

— Pierce Simpson (@PierceSimpson) February 8, 2018

Cavs undid their entire 2017 offseason in like 14 minutes

— Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh.... (@DragonflyJonez) February 8, 2018

LeBron looking at these trades like ...

— ESPN (@espn) February 8, 2018

"Put the phone down slowly and back away... no more trades."

— Pierce Simpson (@PierceSimpson) February 8, 2018

JR Smith just woke up lmfao

— Killjoy 🤔🏆 (@KilljoyGSW) February 8, 2018

How LeBron looking at the Cavs roster

— Josiah Johnson (@KingJosiah54) February 8, 2018

*Isaiah Thomas' phone rings*

— tay💫loko (@tayloko_) February 8, 2018

May the trades keep coming and the memes never end. May the 2018 NBA trade deadline live forever. IT'S ALL HAPPENING.