Kevin Durant believes he knows where the recent backlash over Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr's letting his players coach the team during Monday's victory over the Phoenix Suns stems from. "Everybody just loves to hate on the Warriors," Durant told reporter Sean Highkin on Wednesday. "Whatever we do, they don’t want to just say they hate us, so they’re going to make excuses up on why they don’t like us or why it was disrespectful. Who gives a shit?"

While there is some truth in Durant's comments, especially when it comes to the idea that people will use any little incident to justify their hatred for the Warriors, Kerr should've known that the moment he handed the clipboard to Andre Igoudala there would be considerable backlash. "It shows a lack of respect for an opponent, and maybe right now, we don’t deserve respect," the Suns' Jared Dudley said of Kerr's move, after getting blown out 129-83. "When you keep getting beat by 40, teams won’t respect you. But it’s up to us to change that."

The Suns got a 48-point beating from the Spurs the previous week but didn't really direct any ire toward them afterward. Kerr can try and spin this situation however he wants. The Suns felt disrespected and that's all that matters.