Even though Kevin Durant's responses to trash talk can sometimes get him into some shit (like, say, when he forgets to switch to his burner account before sending on Twitter), I'm always here for them. And this week we received the latest instance of KD getting annoyed at some heckler looking for a reaction.

The clip, which is very brief, shows the Warriors All-Star signing autographs for fans. At one point the fan in question asks him how many points he's going to "drop tonight," asking if it was "50," then finally saying, "I bet you can’t score 81 like Kobe." In response, Durant asks how much dick riding the fan is going to do:

It's probably not the best look when you have one of the biggest stars in your league clapping back at fans in public, but you also can't blame KD for doing what he can to get these hecklers off his back. That said, these moments will always be better in person than on Twitter.