Last week, a video surfaced showing a bunch of NBA players wishing Chinese NBA fans a happy Chinese New Year. One of the players featured in that video was veteran Philadelphia 76ers' sharpshooter J.J. Redick

During Redick's well wishes, he uttered what sounded like a racial slur. "I just want to wish all the chink NBA fans in China a very happy Chinese New Year," Redick appeared to say.

The audio of the video wasn't great, and Redick said he was tongue-tied.

He has still, however, faced a lot of criticism from upset Chinese fans. Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin posted his thoughts on the situation on Twitter Monday afternoon.

Lin had his fellow vet's back and stated, after talking with Redick, he believes it was a simple slip up.

"I truly believe he didn't say a racial slur and that he has a great deal of respect towards Chinese people," Lin posted.

The apparent slur came to light through a video from a Chinese YouTuber.

Redick said he was trying to say "NBA Chinese fans," but decided mid-sentence to change it, and that's how the vocabulary got fumbled.

Redick is averaging 16.9 points per game and playing a key role this season for the young Sixers.