A father of multiple sexual abuse victims of Larry Nassar attempted to attack the former USA Gymnastics doctor in court Friday.

According to CBS News, the father—Randall Margraves—first asked the judge for time in a “locked room” with Nassar. Shortly after the request was declined, Margraves rushed at Nassar and was taken down by court officials. Two of Margraves' daughters had provided statements to the court. The other sister, they said, had also been abused by Nassar.

Nassar has been sentenced to 60 years on a child porn conviction and between 40 and 175 years for sexual abuse charges in Ingham County, Michigan. He is currently in court for his final sentencing hearing, per the New York Times. In the wake of the charges, the entire U.S. Gymnastics board of directors resigned.

Last month, the House passed new legislation that seeks to protect young athletes via new reporting regulations and an extension of the statute of limitations for abuse victims who are children. "It may be too late to protect these brave young women," Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel said when speaking to athletes who helped craft the legislation, according to the Huffington Post. "But now you are here doing the protecting. You thought you'd be champion of the Olympics, but you are champions of human rights."