The problem with stepping back into the spotlight is that your demons may step into the spotlight alongside you. After Vince McMahon dropped "a major sports announcement" that he's bringing the XFL back, a 2006 story about the WWE chairman allegedly committing sexual assault resurfaced.

The Daily Beast reports that the then-22-year-old alleged victim was working at Tanzabar, a tanning salon in Boca Raton, when she reportedly encountered McMahon. After the then-60-year-old got into the tanning bed, he allegedly asked the anonymous woman to take a photo of him. After she obliged, she said he proceeded to show her his nudes before she asked him to stop.

Then, a little over twenty minutes later, after McMahon's tanning session was done, the employee went to clean the bed. That's when he allegedly followed her into the room, locked the door and proceeded to force himself on her.

"McMahon grabbed her and tried to kiss her," the police report stated. "She said she put both of her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. McMahon continued to grab her, touching her waist and butt and attempting to lift up her button-down shirt while rubbing her breasts with the back side of his arms, she told police." She said when she finally pushed him off, he said that "he was only trying to have some fun" and left.

But it didn't stop there. The woman claimed that McMahon proceeded to wait outside in his parked Hummer. That's when she reportedly went crying to a nearby Papa John's where she confided in an employee there. She also called her boss and said an "older gentlemen followed me into a room and tried to kiss me." Sometime later, they called the police.

After investigating, the police report read that they found "probable cause to believe that Vincent McMahon did actually and intentionally touch against the will of" the accuser, whose name is redacted. However, prosecutors didn't pursue charges against McMahon, who denied the claims at the time.

"The filing standard for the state is above and beyond a reasonable doubt," said Mike Edmondson, a spokesperson for the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office, according to The Daily Beast. "Prosecutors have to file at a higher standard, which is proof above a reasonable doubt. It’s a much different standard than probable cause."

The entire police report can be found here.