This weekend, we found out that Super Bowl LII would find the New England Patriots defending their crown against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles did so by beating the sh*t out of the Minnesota Vikings, which sent the Philly fans into a frenzy that they are no-doubt just waking up from. And while there's no word of any more horses getting socked in the face, the above video shows us that the Eagles were throwing shots of their own in the locker room.

During the above locker room interview, someone must have connected to the speaker to drop the Quavo and Young Thug-featured "Minnesota," the second single from Lil Yachty's 2016 release Lil Boat.

The song, which features a hook that continuously says "cold like Minnesota," is perfect to drop in this instance, considering that after leading 7-0, the Vikings allowed the Eagles to score 38 unanswered points on them to clinch the NFC Championship.

Is that what's actually going down? I'd sure hope so. Are people regularly bumping "Minnesota" in the club in January of 2018? Who knows, but the track damn sure makes sense after a blowout of this magnitude. Either that or someone just slipped and created one of the greatest needle drops in the history of recorded football interviews.