Big Baller Brand is already catching another L. After receiving an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau for its practices, the official outfitter of "big ballers" everywhere is being sued by an apparel company over allegedly missing payments for various pieces of that highly-coveted BBB merch. 

While the outspoken antics of LaVar Ball have been able to capture everyone's attention, for better or worse, that doesn't seem to have made him able to run a sound business. Who would've thought? Closet Collection, the Chino Hills company responsible for screen-printing everything from $50 BBB-branded T-shirts to $60 caps, has filed a breach of contract lawsuit in San Bernardino County Superior Court alleging that Big Baller Brand owes the company almost $25,000, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times

The report goes on to state that the lawsuit was actually filed back in November 2017"When it came time to make payments, they kind of bailed," a company representative told the LA Times. "We tried for about three months. They said they would make payment about seven times. They just kept pushing it back and kept pushing it back."

An estimated 2,500 pieces of apparel were produced for Big Baller Brand in May 2017 to stock "basically their entire website." The lawsuit also claims that Closet Collection was helping the company with storage and brand management during this time period.

By now, everyone knows that LaVar does and says some ridiculous things, but saying you could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one and comparing your son Lonzo to Stephen Curry are way different from legitimately failing to pay other companies for their services. Hopefully, this all gets straightened out. We know the Ball family has that "big baller" money coming in. 

On a positive note, at least Lonzo seems to be turning around his rookie season after its lackluster start while younger brothers LaMelo and LiAngelo kick off their professional careers in Lithuania