The ESPYs don't have an award for "Most Obnoxious Fucking Sports Thing of The Year," but if they did you'd be hard pressed to find a more deserving recipient than the UCF football program. The crew decided that they were the national champions because they beat Auburn in a bowl game (yeah they were undefeated, but their strength of schedule was what you could accurately describe as very mediocre). It was eye-rolling enough when their governor signed a proclamation declaring them the champs the day after they threw themselves a parade at Disney World:

And it was also annoying when they announced they'd hang a national champions banner in their home stadium while the actual playoff was still going on. But, man, four weeks later they're still not letting this thing go:

In addition to me, and pretty much everyone in their mentions, another person who's gotten sick of them trying to be cute is junior running back Damien Harris, who carries the ball for the actual national champions Alabama. On Sunday night Harris asked a question that UCF's social media squad may or may not have been trying to come up with a witty reply to over the past 24 or so hours:

Harris also added his reasoning for dropping that burn, which seems fair:

Aided by four very questionable first place votes, UCF finished the season ranked sixth in the AP Poll, which is something to be proud of without having to make up some sort of delusional alternate reality that's eventually going to make people sick of you.