After getting off to a slow start to this NFL season—and even demanding to be traded at one point—Martavis Bryant has rebounded nicely to put together a pretty decent 2017-18 campaign.

While Bryant isn’t necessarily stuffing the stat sheet week in and week out like his teammate Antonio Brown, he has caught 41 passes for almost 500 yards and three touchdowns this season, and more importantly, he has helped the Steelers stretch the field thanks to his big-play potential. He’s playing an important role in Pittsburgh’s offense, which is all he ever wanted when he first started complaining about playing time back in October.

But while Bryant is finding success on the field, it doesn’t sound like things are going well for him off it right now. At least, not as far as his home life is concerned.

Bryant is dating a woman named Deja Hiott. She has made headlines this season for sticking by Bryant’s side throughout his early-season struggles and confirming the trade demand rumors that were swirling around him.

But it appears as though she’s pretty pissed off at Bryant at the moment because of something that Bryant’s own teammate Le’Veon Bell posted on Snapchat. Late Monday, Bell put up a video that showed Bryant sitting next to another woman. It’s unclear who the woman is or if she was with Bryant at whatever function he was attending. But whatever the case, the look on his face when he realized Bell was filming him was priceless, and it seemed to suggest that he was doing something that a guy with a girlfriend shouldn’t be doing.

In fairness to Bryant, he wasn’t sitting close to the woman. He wasn’t touching her. The two weren’t even talking in Bell’s video, and for all anyone knows, she very easily could have been sitting next to someone else. But the optics of the situation didn’t look great for Bryant, and when Hiott scrolled through Snapchat and saw what was happening in the clip, she freaked the f*ck out. In a series of since-deleted tweets, Hiott called Bryant a "scumbag," accused him of cheating, and said she was done with the Steelers wide receiver.

There were a lot of people who were quick to point out that Bell’s Snapchat video didn’t prove Bryant was actually doing anything wrong. They got at Hiott on Twitter and told her that she shouldn’t be so quick to accuse Bryant of stepping out on her.

But as of Tuesday afternoon, it doesn’t seem like Hiott has any interest in hearing them or Bryant out. What a mess.