As the Los Angeles Lakers continued through a brutal schedule that saw close losses to the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors and a win over the Western Conference-leading Houston Rockets, Lonzo Ball popped up on an episode of Netflix’s Fuller House. Netflix released the back half of Season 3 on Friday, and viewers were privy to Ball’s acting chops and some prime Big Baller Brand placement.

Ball appears in the Season 3 finale episode entitled, “Here Comes The Sun,” and you can see a clip of the episode above. Without divulging the episode's plot, Ball’s cameo revolves around securing the podiatry services of D.J. Tanner’s boyfriend Steve to take a job in Los Angeles.

There’s some dry humor in the form of Ball saying he tracked down Steve via drone and a pushup contest between Ball and D.J. And the expected Big Baller Brand plug happens in the form of Lonzo carefully placing his ZO2 Prime Remix kicks on the Tanner coffee table. Those would be the same $495 kicks that had Ball making headlines before he stepped foot into the NBA.

Fellow Laker rookie Kyle Kuzma seemed to have his jokes on deck in anticipation of Ball’s performance, as he clowned his teammate on Twitter.

“What the hell lol @ZO2_ I’m weak,” Kuzma tweeted after catching word of the clip.

Perhaps the real question is how discerning is Ball’s pallet for ’90s nostalgia if he appeared in the Full House reboot series but thinks nobody listens to Nas anymore.