Despite the fact that the nostalgia-drenched series' debut season is still less than a week old, Netflix has already renewed Fuller House for another round. The streaming giant announced the renewal early Wednesday with a frustratingly vague yet still hype-inducing tweet, simply promising that the second season of Fuller House is "coming soon."

Though it now seems poised for at least a few more years of success, creator Jeff Franklin recently revealed that it almost never happened. "I knew that this kind of excitement was going to be there, but nobody else seemed to get it," Franklin told Variety last week. "I was pitching to networks that Full House reruns were beating every night. We were airing 40 times a week and getting millions and millions of viewers." However, Franklin revealed, most networks simply didn’t understand the appeal of revisiting the iconic 90s smash for more family-friendly adventures. "Netflix finally stepped up," said Franklin. "That’s why it’s happening now."

Fuller House, though not entirely blessed with the Olsen twins' co-sign, did manage to pull off some top-shelf cameos from Full House veterans Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, and more. "We wanted to give credit to the legacy," Stamos told Jimmy Kimmel back in April when announcing the series. "We didn't want to throw [that] away." Peep the first season of Fuller House on Netflix now while waiting patiently and/or impatiently for the next batch.

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