Washington Wizards guard John Wall has averaged 8.6 assists per game this year. It's his lowest assist average since 2012-13—but he just dished out a Christmas gift that should somewhat make up for it in his teammates' minds.

At the morning meeting Friday, Wall gifted each of his Wizards teammates with a Rolex watch. According to TMZ, the watches come from Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia, and they are of the President Day-Date model.

These watches retail for about $40,000 a pop, and Washington has 15 other players on the roster, meaning Wall probably spent roughly $600,000 on this gift. Pretty generous.

Get you a point guard like John Wall...

At the #Wizards morning meeting today, Wall gifted all his teammates -- including Sheldon Mac, Mike Young and Devin Robinson -- with personalized President Rolexes for Christmas.

— Candace Buckner (@CandaceDBuckner) December 22, 2017

.@JohnWall bought Rolex's for the whole team 🤑 pic.twitter.com/PJ32DzoYoy

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 22, 2017

Granted, yes, Wall signed a $207 million extension with Washington this past offseason, but still—stars are under no obligation to give their teammates (especially all 15 of them!) a Christmas gift. 

The 17-14 Wizards haven't lived up to expectations this season. Wall's field goal percentage has dipped to 41.7 percent, which, if it holds up, would be his worst shooting effort since his rookie season in 2010-11.

Boston and Cleveland look like the class of the East, and Toronto has surpassed expectations thus far—certainly a credit to coach Dwayne Casey and his implementation of systemic changes.

Still, it would be a surprise if the Wizards didn't piece things together to become a threat in the East. With Wall and Bradley Beal—plus a supporting cast that includes Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre, Jr.— they have too much talent to go silently into the night. Perhaps this gift will mark the beginning of a turnaround.