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After LiAngelo Ball, the middle Ball brother, left UCLA following a shoplifting incident in China, a random late-night DM led to LiAngelo and LaMelo (baby Ball) signing professional contracts in Lithuania. The first-division team Prienu Vytautus likely knew it had a marketing goldmine on its hands—a marketing goldmine fueled by the effervescent personality of the Balls' father LaVar.

The boys are slated to make their professional debut on Jan. 9, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports. 

Leave it to Jeff Bezos' forward-thinking team at Amazon to find a way to get in on the profits. Charania's report adds that the team will sell the Ball brothers' jerseys exclusively through Amazon. 

"The team has shipped approximately 500 game jerseys—half LaMelo jerseys and half LiAngelo ones—to an Amazon warehouse in the U.S. and is expected to ship more to deliver late in the first week of January," the report states. "For Vytautas, LaMelo and LiAngelo have provided the branding to create marketing deals in Lithuania and the U.S."

It hasn't been reported how much these jerseys will cost, and that's a pretty low investment on Amazon's part—if only 500 are sold, it's unlikely that you'll see someone rocking a Ball Vytautas jersey around town. The Balls know how to drum up interest, however, and it wouldn't be a surprise if these sold out quickly.

LaMelo and LiAngelo are kids playing in a pro league, so who knows how much burn they'll actually receive, but you can rest assured many basketball fans will have their eyes on their debut game on Jan. 9.