High school kicker K-Lani Nava made history on Wednesday night, becoming the first girl to score in a University Interscholastic League (UIL) state title football game. The senior scored nine points for Strawn High School adding to their total 78-42 win. Her kicking helped the undefeated team (16-0) win over Balmorhea in the Class 1A Six-Man Division II championship game at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T stadium.

"It feels pretty great. I didn't really think about it too much today because I didn't it want it too much in my head and freak out," Strawn told the Star-Telegram after the game. "I just acted like every other girl played on this field like me."

Her success marks a historic moment on Jerry Jones’ stomping grounds. The magnitude of the game, however, did not put any pressure on the kicker.

"I had zero pressure," Nava said afterward, according to TexasFootball.com. "I did think about [the first kick] this morning, but when I got on the field and ready to kick, it didn't cross my mind. All I worried about was the ball getting on the tee and me making the right contact with it. I do my job. I know the snapper and my holder do their jobs. They do those jobs very well, and I trust them."