It’s been a rough go of it as a New York Football Giants fan—and an NFL fan—dating back to last year when the organization and the league mishandled former kicker Josh Brown's domestic violence situation. Then, after completely fucking that up, owner John Mara turned around and had the balls to claim signing Colin Kaepernick would put Giants fans in an uproar. And now, today, instead of trotting out a decent, grizzled vet with Super Bowl experience or you know, giving 2017 third round pick Davis Webb some reps, Giants fans are looking forward to watching Geno Goddamn Smith start under center for their 2-9 team this upcoming Sunday versus the Raiders on the road.

The move is perplexing, my guys. If you're gonna bench Manning and end his 210-game streak (222 including the playoffs), second to only Brett Favre in NFL history, why is starting Geno Goddamn Smith over Webb what's best for the franchise? Head coach Ben McAdoo still having a job after this move coupled with this disastrous season, and his press conference answer from yesterday, is quite impressive.

Eli looked like his dog just died as he tried to process McAdoo's decision with reporters interrogating him. It was one of the hardest things I've had to watch as a lifelong Giants fan.

All the organization had to say was they were shutting Manning and the rest of the vets for the season to evaluate the other talent on the roster. Simple, right? Instead, we get this shit show with takes and New York sports radio spinning out of control. Even the Pope weighed in and destroyed the Giants coach, and pointed out that the Giants have never scored 30 points under Ben McAdoo, the team's once highly heralded offensive coordinator.

The Giants aren't 2-9 because of Manning. The Giants are 2-9 because of injuries, an embarrassing offensive line, and apparently a head coach that's in over his head. Steve Spagnuolo​'s defense won them 11 games for the Giants last year the same way Manning's leadership carried them to two Super Bowls. I'm not upset about Manning's steak ending because, honestly, this season is over and the Giants need to look toward the future. But giving the nod to Smith over Webb and the way this situation was handled was complete garbage. 

Manning's a borderline Hall of Famer with two rings he probably has no business owning, but goddammit, the guy is as class as class gets. I was ashamed to root for this team during the Josh Brown situation, I was ashamed about John Mara's spineless quotes on Colin Kaepernick, and I am ashamed today. How quickly one of the NFL's most storied and respected franchise have fallen from grace. And let us not forget that  Smith is the first black quarterback to start in the Giant's 92-year history. Shameful. You should've signed Kaepernick instead of Geno, you gutless frauds. In the words of Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers, "pathetic."