According to league sources who spoke to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the ongoing protests against police brutality during the national anthem have become such a big issue within the NFL that the completion of Roger Goodell's contract extension has been delayed due to their prevalence.

Those same sources told Schefter that that deal is still expected to be finalized (eventually) but that the entire procedure has been slowed because most of the league's attention is directed towards stemming the bottom line fallout that has come about as a result of the pregame demonstrations (meaning TV ratings and merchandise sales are down). As one source put it "The anthem issue has overridden everything -- and I do mean everything."

And, as Schefter put it:

"Had the issue not existed, Goodell's contract might have been completed at last week's owners meeting in New York, sources said. However, because the issue has become so critical to the league, the NFL's compensation committee spent about only 20 minutes Wednesday discussing Goodell's extension (...) The committee still insists Goodell's deal will be completed, but there is other business that currently is more pressing."

When the contract extension (which is for five years) does eventually go through, Goodell will be signed through the 2024 season.

Good god. Sounds like you'll be able to boo him for awhile yet.