Football is a demanding sport even if you're in prime physical shape with no limitations holding you back. So imagine what it's like to play the same sport with a disability, as huge, athletic freaks come barreling at you every opportunity they have.

That's the difficulty facing Jake Olson, a longsnapper for USC. As a complication from cancer in his childhood, Olson has been blind since the age of 12, and had yet to participate in a live football game entering USC's Week One matchup against Western Michigan.

But with the Trojans up 17 and about to kick another extra point, they saw an opportunity to get Olson involved, and sent him onto the field to snap an extra point late in the fourth quarter. He absolutely nailed his opportunity, snapping a picture-perfect ball to the holder on his first attempt.

How do you not feel inspired seeing Olson overcome his disability to make a play for a major college football program? Even during a busy weekend of college football, Olson's triumph stood out from the rest of the slate. Everyone was moved by the moment, from diehard college football fans to people who couldn't care less about sports.

Olson spoke to reporters after participating in his first game, and he summed up the moment quite nicely. Thanking his team and the coaching staff for their help in making this happen, Olson emphasized that you can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you don't give up.

"You saw the support and love I got when I ran back out, it's something so special," said Olson of the support from his teammates. "The only thing that can stop you in life is you. Today was a dream come true."

Kudos to all involved here, including the Western Michigan team that understood the significance of the moment. Some things are bigger than the game, and Olson's moment in the sun is certainly one of them.

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