Ric Flair came close to meeting a tragic end earlier this summer, but health concerns were not going to keep the Nature Boy down. In an inspiring message delivered to his fans through his social media feeds, Flair promised a triumphant return, less than a month after going into a medically-induced coma.

"To all my fans out there, let it be known worldwide that Nature Boy—Woo!—is back up and running," said Flair. "I want to tell all my fans out there, thank for all the love and support, and I'll see you in the very, very, very, very, very, very near future. Woo!"

Listening to Flair bust out his trademark "Woo!" has to raise the spirits of his fans a little, after fearing for the worst for the 68-year-old wrestling legend. He's certainly not out of the woods yet, but seeing him back on his feet and carrying on in his trademark persona is a welcome sight.

Everything appears to be heading in a positive direction for Flair, and signs have been building for weeks that he was going to emerge from this saga (mostly) unscathed. Previously, his daughter Charlotte shared a touching message while by her father's side in the hopsital, thanking fans for their endless support of her dad.

"After an incredibly hard week, my dad is getting better," she said. "There is still a long road to go and he's not out of the woods just yet but I want to again thank everyone for their support on behalf of myself and my family."

Flair's defiant video added a whole new level of excitement, and fans were jubilant after seeing him pop into their social feeds.

You can watch Flair deliver the message to fans up top, and make sure to keep him in your thoughts as he continues to travel down the road to recovery.