UFC welterweight 'Platinum' Mike Perry had hopes of one day fighting Floyd Mayweather. But now that Money has confirmed his retirement from the sport, Perry is setting his sights on another champion fighter.   

The 26-year-old athlete told TMZ Sports he wants to take on Conor McGregor, who was defeated by Mayweather in a historical boxing match last month. Perry said he wanted McGregor to take on a real welterweight and he’d be willing to fight him in his home country.

“I'll fight McGregor in Ireland. What’s up? In Dublin. What’s up? Quote me on that," Perry said before sending a direct message to the Irishman.

“You'll do fucking nothing you fucking prick! Once I put these hands on you, boy, I'll strangle you in two seconds. Give me a pot of gold. Follow the rainbow. Lucky Charms!”

Perry predicts he would earn a K.O. victory and jump into the crowd before being crowned “the new king of Dublin.”

Perry will take on Alex Reyes in tonight’s UFC Fight Night 116 event in Pittsburgh.

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