Last summer, Draymond Green "pushed the wrong button" while trying to send a private message, and ended up showing the world his erect dick via Snapchat. Not at all surprisingly at the time, his fellow Team USA members busted his balls over this screw-up. One of those members was Kevin Durant.

Fast forward a year and some change and it is now Durant dealing with the reaction to his own embarrassing social media gaffe: the Finals MVP got caught defending himself this week in the third-person after apparently failing to switch to a secret Twitter account first.

Damn, if only KD had heeded his teammate's prophetic words:

Of course, now that the tables have turned, Green is the one laughing at Durant. He admitted as much during a Q&A with the media on Friday. "I reached out to him, I talked to him through text the day of," Green said about his reaction to the Twitter disaster. "And then the next day, I saw him in person and I laughed in his face."

Green continued, "I reminded him, since you want to talk about my mishap [his dick] and when we were at USA Basketball, the day my mishap happened, I was stressed out. And all of them were laughing in my face, from him to DeMarcus [Cousins], probably was the worst. ... It was a little payback. I stood right there and laughed in his face. And it felt pretty damn good, too."

Lesson learned (for the thousandth time): always double-check when doing literally anything on social media.


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