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On Wednesday afternoon, about 48 hours after ESPN’s Jemele Hill sent out a series of anti-Donald Trump tweets that included the SC6 anchor referring to the President as a "white supremacist," White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a group of reporters that she thought Hill’s tweets were a "fireable offense." It was, as we said on Thursday, a "terrifyingly hypocritical" attack on Hill when you consider some of the things Trump himself has tweeted out over the years.

It doesn’t sound like a little hypocrisy is going to stop Trump from continuing to take aim at ESPN and Hill, though. On Friday, a short time after he sent out several tweets regarding the "terrorist incident" that took place in London, Trump attacked ESPN on Twitter and demanded an apology from the network for what Hill said about him.

In a single tweet, Trump said ESPN is currently "paying a big price for its politics." He also alleged that people are "dumping" ESPN in "RECORD numbers." And while he didn’t mention Hill by name, he did seem to suggest that ESPN should apologize to him and its viewers for the comments she made about him on Twitter on Monday night.

We would like to use this opportunity to point out, once again, that while Hill issued a statement regarding her tweets on Wednesday night and said that she regretted painting ESPN in an "unfair light," she has left her tweets up and doesn’t seem like she’s going to be in any hurry to take them down.

So Trump probably shouldn’t expect an apology anytime soon.