Following a major health scare last week, Ric Flair’s condition is reportedly improving.

Melinda Morris Zanoni of Legacy Talent and Entertainment tweeted the good news Saturday afternoon, announcing Flair is “awake, communicating, and progressing." But, he’s still facing several obstacles on the road to recovery.

Zanoni thanked fans for their support during the difficult time, and remained hopeful that the Nature Boy would pull through.

Last weekend, it was reported that Flair had been hospitalized in Georgia and put in a medically induced coma to undergo surgery. Early reports stated Flair had suffered a heart attack; however, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer refuted those claims, stating Flair was experiencing pain caused by an obstruction in his bowel. Meltzer said Flair was put on kidney dialysis, had an external pacemaker inserted, and is dealing with an undisclosed infection. 

Though it's obviously the WWE legend has a long way to go, the recent updates are reassuring to Flair fans across the world. Stay tuned as more information about Flair's condition becomes available. 

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