On Sunday, LaVar Ball actually did something instead of just talking about doing something as he faced off in a Big3 shootout contest against league founder Ice Cube. They made things interesting by shooting from those four-point markers that are between the three-point line and half-court. As you may have assumed (just from watching that hidden video of LaVar playing in a rec league that surfaced a few months ago), Ice Cube won. The score? A very unimpressive 2-1:

The contest took place at L.A.'s Staples Center where, this fall, rookie Lonzo Ball will take the floor for the Lakers. It also took place over the course of 90 seconds, with perhaps the biggest highlight being LaVar attempting to take credit for one of Cube's two successful field goal attempts (seen at the 31-second mark above).

While the crowd was into it, it certainly wasn't the finest display of hoops skills this particular court has ever seen, and now has us feeling a tad bit suspicious about those times LaVar said he could beat Michael Jordan.