In a disappointing turn of events, Aaron Brown has been disqualified from the 2017 IAAF World Championships. The Canadian runner was sent off after judges declared that he had committed a lane violation by stepping outside his given boundaries during the men's 200-metre event. The controversial decision arrived even though Brown's actions were unable to put other sprinters at a disadvantage.

The DQ came as an utter shock to those in attendance, and the decision was ruled only after a meticulous video review revealed that Brown had inched into a competitor's lane for a brief second. Athletics Canada promptly called for a review, but their plea was quickly denied. This is the second time in two months that the Canadian runner has been disqualified from a high-profile race. Back in July, Brown was thrown out due to a false start during the 100m in Ottawa, Ontario.

It was no doubt a frustrating blow for Brown, who had just recently clocked a season's best time in a previous 200-metre heat. The Toronto native came in at an impressive 20.08 seconds, and did so just three days after being quarantined for a stomach bug. With a record race and his health intact, Aaron was poised to carry a Canadian team that was without stars Andre DeGrasse, Derek Drouin, and Eric Gillis. The aforementioned trio were forced to miss the IAAF after picking up some unfortunate injuries.

Despite losing some of their most talented athletes, Canada still has a chance to take home hardware during the IAAF Championships. On Tuesday, the nation will be represented by pole vaulter, Shawn Barber, javelin thrower, Liz Gleadle, and runners Brandon McBride and Matt Hughes in the 800m and 3000m respectively. Meanwhile, Aaron Brown will have to submit defeat and look forward to his next challenge.