This year’s inaugural Fam Jam, an event that throws celebrities that have no business playing a sport onto a field, was set in Miami and only promised chaos, and, well, it delivered. Drake and Draymond Green were team captains in a game that matched the bitter rivalry of the European El Classico, Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Team Draymond won, and Team Drake is already calling foul - so everything seems right on track.


That moment when the rivalry becomes so real you’ve just gotta settle things yourself.

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“Just played a rigged soccer game, rigged by Draymond. A lot of extra rules I’d never heard of in soccer,” Drake said in his post-game interview, but then smiled and added, “but it was a lot of fun. Had some great people out there, learned a lot of new talents.”

According to @Drake, @FamJam at #ElClasicoMiami was rigged…@Money23Green? 👀

— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) July 29, 2017

Drake taking a penalty 😂

— VERSUS (@vsrsus) July 29, 2017

But Draymond Green led his team to victory, and the Warriors power forward isn’t here for any of Drake’s complaints. “It’s always great to win. Never gets old,” Draymond, the two-time NBA champion and two-time NBA all-star said. “I was horrible, Drake was horrible, but my team got to win so that’s all that matters."

"It's always great to win. Never gets old." — @Money23Green following his team's win at @FamJam x #ElClasicoMiami.

— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) July 29, 2017

Eric Bledsoe, who played on Team Draymond, also wants the record to show that he scored on Dave East.

Let it be known that @EBled2 scored on @DaveEast at @FamJam x #ElClasicoMiami.

— UNINTERRUPTED (@uninterrupted) July 29, 2017

Even though Team Drake might have lost, he had plenty of support from friends and fans including at least one member of his Young Money crew, which will help sweeten the post-match celebrations.

Currently taking over @uninterrupted instalive! Get your behind the scenes of #FamJam. It's #TeamDrake vs #TeamDraymond

— Karen Civil (@KarenCivil) July 29, 2017

And as for next year? Everyone, including Draymond and Drake, seemed excited to return, but Drake has a longer way to go if he wants to win.

“I’m gonna have to work all year, train with Neymar, call Ronaldo,” the 6 God said. “I’m gonna show up with some ringers next year though. Next year I get to put my own squad together, you can’t just give me a squad."

We'll trust the process, Drake.

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