Today's NBA is way too soft. It's an unfair sentiment that has been shared by far too many disgruntled former players. So instead of harping on that same criticism towards the league, Charles Oakley took a different yet much more problematic approach. 

Prior to a BIG3 event the following night, Oakley made a live appearance on Michael Rapaport's I Am Rapaport podcast in Dallas on Saturday where he confessed that some NBA players are "so sensitive," adding that they "need to be wearing dresses while they play basketball.”

In addition to being misogynistic, Oak's comment is completely ignorant and foolish, especially coming from a one-time NBA All-Star who won zero titles in his 19-year career. People were quick to point out to Oakley that a certain player named Dennis Rodman who finished his time in the league with a resume he could only dream of—five-time NBA champion, two-time All-Star, and two-time Defensive Player of the Year.

As much as Oakley wants to cry about the state of the league, one thing he needs to understand. He would not survive in today's NBA. Sure, Oak had the toughness, but when it comes down to athleticism all the way to the five, he was never capable enough to hold his own. The league has changed. Just accept it and move on.

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