It’s the NFL offseason, and the living’s easy. Training camps aren’t even open yet, which means teams, players, and fans don’t have much news to chew on. But the Carolina Panthers social media team have come up with a winning strategy to get everyone paying attention to their Twitter feed (and probably following their account)—even fans of rival football teams or people who don’t like football at all—and it’s not even annoying.

The Panthers account sent out a rather cryptic tweet today, asking people to read back through their tweets from the past three days.

If you scroll through the account’s tweets and do what you’re told, you’ll begin to notice a familiar pattern. Here are the first few tweets. See if you can figure out what they’ve done:

Get it? “This is a story about how my life got flip, turned upside down…”

Over the past three days, the Panthers have been secretly tweeting out the words to the theme song of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, effectively making sure they win this year’s award for best sports Twitter account, if that award even exists. This took some serious planning—some phrases, like “this is the story” are relatively easy to work into tweets, but it took major creativity to use the bell emoji for “Bel-Air."

Honestly, we’re in so much awe at this original and entertaining technique that there’s not much to say here other than good job to the Panthers social media team. All we can do is bow down.