Life is good for the core members of the Golden State Warriors, who are fresh off winning their second NBA Finals in three seasons. Klay Thompson isn't the lead dog in Oakland, but his three-point shooting and excellent defense has been an undeniably huge part of their success.

Perhaps he should leave the dunking to other players on the team, however. Thompson's currently on a trip to China to help promote Anta sneakers, a Chinese brand he endorses, and he made an attempt to fire up the crowd with a 360 dunk. It did not go as planned.

Since there hasn't been a whole lot for Warriors haters to pounce on lately, Twitter didn't waste any time having a laugh at Thompson's expense. There's not much you can say to make fun of the team, but you can damn sure roast Thompson for getting brutally rejected by an inanimate object.

Thompson's own teammates alluded to the video without mentioning it outright, and you can bet they'll be making fun of him for this for months to come.

I'm generally in support of NBA players seeking buckets at any cost, but you have to live in reality like the rest of us, Klay. I don't pull up for 30-footers in a pick-up game because I know it's not in my wheelhouse, and perhaps this should be a sign you should get back in the lab before attempting another public 360.

On the bright side, this is free publicity for his sneaker tour, even if it's a form of promotion Thompson probably would have liked to avoid. So at least he's getting paid for taking the worst L he's had in a while.