There are not many mothers who can claim they're an awesome meme in addition to being a killer mom, but Wanda "You the Real MVP" Durant has been a prominent figure in the story of her son's career. Kevin Durant has been happy to share the spotlight with his mom in the past, thanking her for everything she did to help him become the man he is today.

As it turns out, a few people have taken notice, including comedian Kevin Hart. In a brief TMZ video recorded after the Warriors won the championship, Hart told Durant the first thing he noticed when the final buzzer sounded—the dynamic with his mother.

"I'm going to tell you what I did notice," said Hart, "you still getting your ass whooped by your momma. I saw the way your mom gripped you up on that court, Momma Durant is still whoopin' your ass. She said, 'Look at me, boy look at me' and she bit her lip like this. Your momma was about to spank your ass. You still getting spankings, I know you're getting spankings, I recognize when a motherfucker gettin' whooped."

If you roll back the footage from Golden State's Game 5 victory, Hart has a point. As ESPN's Doris Burke tries to squeeze in an interview with the 2017 Finals MVP, Wanda Durant takes charge of the scrum, and makes sure her son pays attention to her before moving on to anything else.

Despite clowning on Durant for deferring to his mom, Hart did so in good spirit, and the jokes came packaged with an earnest appreciation of what he and the Warriors accomplished this season.

"Congratulations are in order for my man KD," he said. "I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think it was going to happen, but you did it, so I'm going to congratulate you. Humbly, I congratulate you man, on finally getting your ring. You deserve it, amazing season, amazing accomplishment, I'm not taking nothing from you."


Durant might be a grown man, but Hart knows as well as anyone that your mother is high up the authority ladder. Being an NBA MVP isn't going to stop your mom from making sure you pay attention to what she has to say.

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