You'd think that Rob Gronkowski isn't busy in the offseason, but you'd be wrong. Between showing up at WrestleMania or Opening Day for the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots tight end is keeping himself pretty busy. Oh yeah, he also stars in his own business-themed show "MVP," which stands for Most Valuable Partner.

Go90, along with Complex Networks, teamed up for "MVP," which features Gronkowski and a panel of other athletes as they decide whether they'd like to invest in a new product that's pitched to them by a budding entrepreneur. In this episode, the athletes are brought, Anicase, which is a phone case that highlights the plight of endangered animals.Each case includes information on the inside panel saying how many of the animals are left, and why they are endangered. 

The athletes are always down for a good cause, and they get even more excited hearing that ten percent of the sales go to charities that support endangered animals. Victor Espinoza is interested in a horse case naturally, considering he's a jockey. Watch the full episode above, and catch the rest of the episodes every Wednesday on go90.