Most NBA players are probably tired of talking about, hearing about, and thinking about Lonzo Ball. Lonzo looks like a really promising NBA prospect, but he’s not actually in the league yet, so why are so many people asking NBA players for their thoughts on Lonzo and his dad LaVar Ball?

The truth is that Lonzo and LaVar have both touched a nerve in the NBA community and are lightning rods for conversation, so NBA players are going to continue to be asked about them. And if they want people to stop, they're going to need to follow DeMarcus Cousins’ lead and do what he did when TMZ Sports caught up with him recently and asked a couple questions about the Balls.


Cousins was asked to name his top NBA Draft prospects, and he responded by throwing out the names De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk, who both played for Cousins’ former school Kentucky. But when the TMZ cameraman asked him a question about Lonzo, he sidestepped it with the quickness.

"Never heard of him," Cousins said of the now-former UCLA guard before climbing into a waiting vehicle.

He has apparently heard of Ball’s dad, though, because when LaVar’s name came up, he gave a much different answer.

"His dad is legend!" Cousins yelled.

So Cousins doesn’t know Lonzo, but he does know his dad? Well played, Boogie. That might be enough to keep LaVar off your back when he’s asked about this the next time he does an interview.