Rob Gronkowski hasn't won any MVPs on the field, but he has become an MVP in his own way — a Most Valuable Partner. Go90, in conjunction with Complex Networks, has a new series named, MVP, that premieres every Wednesday. Different superstar athletes decide whether or not they'd like to invest their own money into a new product. The latest choice for the athletes is, Hickies, a product that introduces a new way to tie your sneakers. 

Hickies are shoe laces that never have to be adjusted, and there are different options depending on whether someone likes their laces tight or loose. Naturally, Antonio Brown was down for the product once he heard that there will be gold laces because business is always boomin' for him. As for the other athlete panelists, which include Rob Gronkowski, Terrell Owens, and Marshall Faulk, you can find out their answers from watching the episode above.

Will people actually start buying these new shoe laces, we're not sure either. Watch MVP every Wednesday on go90 or catch the latest episode right here