This won't shock you: Sports is a competitive industry, no matter what position you play. And for women, the game ain't the same. Not only do you have to be an expert, you have to battle men's ignorance on top of it. (Before you say those days are over, refresh yourself on what International Women's Day was all about.)

No one's going to give you a seat at the table (or anchor desk), and if you get there, there are unique rules of engagement for how to stay there. Luckily, there are women navigating the industry who don't mind sharing what they've learned.

Complex spoke with SB Nation's first female editor-in-chief Elena Bergeron; Newsday's Kimberley Martin, the only black woman NFL beat writer at a major daily newspaper; and ESPN anchors Molly Qerim, Cari Champion, and Jemele Hill to bring you the major keys. 

(Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.)