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Here's a couple of things that you can set your watch to this All-Star Weekend. There's going to be, like, 400 points scored, celebrities will do their best to jockey for exposure via courtside seats at both the actual game and the dunk contest, and Russell Westbrook is going to be asked dozens of questions about Kevin Durant because that's the storyline that keeps on giving, especially when he inevitably cusses out a journalist.

While we'll have to wait for the celebs and the final score, the questions to Russ started early as the Thunder guard fielded questions about his ex-teammate, and he quickly changed the subject to a different passion of his (after all, it's not like he didn't know these were coming).

If you're the type of person who prefers to read a transcript over watch a video, here's a written recap of part of the exchange:

Reporter: Hey Russ, what’s it gonna be like to be in that locker room with Kevin Durant?

Westbrook: Man, you know what, fashion week has been great. You seen fashion week? You been paying attention to fashion week? Man, a lot of great looking things at fashion week I’m looking forward to — new collections, it’s been good.

Reporter: Hey Russ, any discussion of you and KD playing together?

Westbrook: Man, you seen the new Public School clothing? Crazy. They got the new Jordan hoodie with MJ. It’s crazy, man. A lot of new great things with Fashion Week I’ve seen, man. What else is out? Gucci. The new Gucci stuff is dope. It’s good stuff, man.

This theme continued throughout his time at the podium:

Looking forward to seeing them on the floor together Sunday night.