Martellus Bennett's complexity seems to confuse the masses. He's a Super Bowl-winning New England Patriot with the nerve to take a stand against a racist White House? He's a 270 pound, 6'6" tight end who writes children's books? 

Except these things aren't perplexing at all—most people have a life outside of work, which is why the mandate from the peanut gallery that athletes "stick to sports" is so maddening. Still, the idea of a black professional athlete with a rich life seems to stretch the limits of plausibility. Wednesday morning, Bennett took to Twitter to explain that he wants to use his platform to show black kids that there are more pathways to success than being a baller. And, just as importantly, he wants people of other races to know the same.

While Bennett did revel in the aftermath of his team's Super Bowl LI win during Tuesday's parade in Boston, he explained that he won't be participating in the media tour because he wants to devote time to his creative endeavors.


Bennett's already getting started. Today he released an interactive children's book based on his daughter, and he has plans for a line of toys and short films. He also made the most recent Forbes 30 Under 30 list, which lauded his creative firm, the Imagination Agency. While the #MAGA cohort is busy being mad over No. 88's decision not to join his Trump-loving QB, coach, and team owner at the White House, Bennett is busy living by example. It's OK to win the biggest game of your career and keep dreaming for more.

To quote the classic film The Player's Club, "Make that money, don't let it make you."