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We're only a week clear of Cupcake-fest in Oklahoma City, and the rage over Kevin Durant's departure isn't likely to subside for some time. The Warriors' new crown jewel was probably hoping to enjoy a fun All-Star weekend down in New Orleans and avoid the talk of his departure, if only for a few days.

No such luck for KD. While taking in the three-point contest and the rest of All-Star Saturday night, the in-arena announcer reminded the crowd quite vividly of where Durant plied his trade for nearly a decade. Introducing him with a boisterous, all-caps "O-K-C'S OWN" led to the most awkward moment of the weekend so far, aside from Aaron Gordon flaming out of the Dunk Contest he was supposed to win.

Does this look like the face of a guy who is pleased to be reminded of the city he just left?

kevin durant all star
Image via TNT

The announcer tried to save face—or perhaps cover up some expert trolling—by closing with, "from the Golden State Warriors, baby!" But the damage had already been done.

Durant's icy relationship with his former team and town continues to hang over him, even at All-Star Weekend. Earlier in the day, numerous reporters caught Durant in the act of sliding by Russell Westbrook, with the two players seemingly still refusing to acknowledge one another during the All-Star practice event held early in the afternoon:

Maybe the two stars should follow the lead of their mothers, who were happy to (at the very least) pose for a photo together in New Orleans:

Even Cleveland was able to forgive LeBron James, so there's hope for KD and OKC to settle their differences one day. Just don't expect to see a warm embrace between Durant and Westbrook anytime soon, or for mentions of Oklahoma City in the near future to be any less awkward for the Warriors' star. Even when he's trying to relax courtside and mingle with stars around the league, Durant can't escape his decision to leave the Thunder just yet.