Idris Elba is an absolute warrior.

Not content with being one of the most successful actors on the planet, the Luther star has traveled the world for 12 months as he trains to become a professional kickboxer.

In a new series for Discovery titled Idris Elba: Fighter, the 44-year-old Londoner undertakes the most challenging experience of his career, taking him to Cuba, Japan, South Africa and Thailand before his debut fight at the iconic York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.

Idris Elba fought at the famous York Hall in October.


News first emerged of Elba's foray into the world of combat sports in October, when he was seen winning a fight at York Hall – while Madonna watched on in the audience.

This new documentary series, which premieres on Discovery on January 17th, will follow Elba's journey to that contest.

Speaking on his decision to enter the world of paid kickboxing, Elba said:

"The first thing most people say when I tell them I’m doing this is what about your face? What about your acting? The truth is people will go ‘why is he doing it?’ I get it. I would say the same. I just believe anyone can do anything. Acting aside I will break my nose for this fight. I will go for it. It’s about heart. It really is about heart. What I’m trying to achieve, I’ve got to attack it like a pro fighter. Otherwise it’s just like a hobby."

This is a must watch.

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