We know Tony Romo is going somewhere—it seems impossible that Jerry Jones would let him sit on the Cowboys' bench next year—and everyone wants to know, where? Pundits are speculating how Romo could land somewhere new; Houston and Denver have popped up as possible destinations.

Cris Carter appeared Thursday on Skip Bayless' show Undisputedwhere sharing unpopular opinions is highly encouraged. Having a super-high opinion of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is also encouraged, as Bayless has long been an outspoken proponent of the 36-year-old QB.

Carter shared his opinion that, if the Cowboys are going to make a deal with the Texans—which seems like the most probable scenario; sorry, Brock Osweiler—they should be pursuing J.J. Watt in return. Of course the Cowboys want Watt, and they could use an edge-rusher, but could they actually pull this off?

"I like an established player," Carter said. "And if you trade him to Houston, I'd try to get one of their defensive players, and I would try to pull off a deal for J.J. Watt."

Bayless sighed, "oof," as if to say, "even I wouldn't reach that far." 

As Carter sees it, the Texans already have Jadeveon Clowney—who emerged this year—and Watt is coming off of a serious injury to his back, so his value is diminished.

Still, even as Carter concedes the Cowboys would have to throw in a draft pick, the argument seems like a huge stretch. I mean, Watt, who plays defensive end, was a legitimate MVP candidate just two years ago, and he's still just 27 years old, nearly a decade younger than Romo.