Everyone who attends an American professional sporting event hears the National Anthem. Despite the patriotic symbolism of the song, it is such a routine practice that it can be easy to ignore (except, you know, when athletes taking a knee is at the center of a national conversation).

Occasionally, however, a musical rendition of the anthem truly captivates viewers. Those moments, like Marvin Gaye's anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game, are special.

Sparsh Shah, a 13-year-old, created one such moment at Madison Square Garden Saturday night prior to the Knicks-Phoenix Suns game (which the Suns won, 107-105). Shah has brittle bone disease, a disorder that is typically present at birth and results in fragile, easily broken bones.

Shah has had more than 130 fractures in his life. As his Twitter bio says, though, Shah has “an unbreakable spirit.”

He is confined to a wheelchair, but he boasts one of the most melodic and powerful voices you’ll ever hear, and he crushed the anthem Saturday.

Take a listen.

Shah, sporting a sharp vest, tie, and button-down, sent the crowd into an uproar. You can hear the excitement building as Shah sings the final lines.

It came to a crescendo when he belted the final word, “brave!”

Shah doesn’t just perform classics like the National Anthem. He loves rap, can really flow, and says Eminem is his biggest idol.

Shah’s goal is to one day sing in front of one billion people. We’re pulling for him.