While Odell Beckham Jr. undoubtedly has a range of skills that already puts him amongst the most elite football players on the planet at the age of 24, he hasn't yet mastered the ability of losing a game with his self-respect intact, as we saw earlier this season:

The trend of OBJ losing with a lack of overt emotion reportedly continued on Thursday night after the Giants were defeated by the Eagles by a score of 24-19. According to The New York Post, Beckham stood in the visitors' tunnel where he let out "[g]uttural sounds of anguish in a display of utter frustration," which is a fancy way of saying that he was growling to himself.

Beckham also reportedly faced a steel wall, which he then banged his head into once twice three times. This came despite him posting a(nother) fine night, with 11 catches for 150 yards. After his outburst the star wideout had to be escorted back into NY's locker room by Giants officials, as well as the team's co-owner John Mara.

With their loss the Giants fall to 10-5, and though they failed to clinch the playoffs, that is still a near certainty as they can still do so with a loss or tie by either Detroit, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, or Atlanta this weekend. They could also just beat the Redskins in their final game to lock up their spot in the postseason. This, of course, is one of many reasons why it might not be a great time for Beckham to suffer a voluntary concussion and/or brain damage.