The Giants (2-0) and Redskins (0-2) faced off on Sunday, and fans were anticipating the head-to-head matchup between Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and Redskins cornerback Josh Norman.

Beckham, Jr. and Norman always try to test each other when they go one-on-one on the gridiron. It makes the NFC East rivalry a lot more exciting with this game being nothing short of big plays.

Just after the start of the fourth quarter with the score at 26-24 in the Redskins' favor, Beckham, Jr. pulled in this incredible one-handed reception on the Redskins 30-yard line.

Just one play later, fans got to see Beckham, Jr. and Norman go at it when Odell caught a pass from Eli Manning at the 28-yard line, and did a stiff-arm on Norman with an ill spin move, V-cut towards the sidelines that juked two Redskins players which freed him up to run into the red zone before being tackled at the 5-yard line.

Shortly after, Manning threw an interception in the red zone, which was the breaking point for No. 13. He threw a fit, and tried to beat up the Giants' place kicker's practice net.

Right after that, he was spotted crying on the sidelines.

Not a good look. Manning tried to calm him down after the frustration was seen by viewers.

It wasn't all bad, though. Beckham, Jr. reached a career milestone during this game by becoming the fastest player in NFL history to reach 200 receptions. He's achieved the feat in just 30 games played, which is the fewest all-time in the league's record books. He's also the only player to get 3000 receiving yards the quickest within that amount of games.

Odell had a lot riding on him here because everyone was talking about what he was going to do against his adversary Norman. He probably felt that he put in all that work for nothing.

The Giants ultimately lost the game 29-27. But they play against the Redskins again later in the season. Beckham, Jr.'s second chance at redemption.

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